Goode: Consumer Credit Precedents

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Forms & Precedents

Goode: Consumer Credit Precedents provides a comprehensive suite of non-contentious, contentious and official forms relating to the UK Consumer Credit Act 1974 and related legislation.

Goode: Consumer Credit Precedents is a component part of the whole Goode title, which also includes detailed consumer credit related commentary — Goode: Consumer Credit Law & Practice and case reports— Goode: Consumer Credit Reports.

Subscribers should also be aware of the availability online of the Goode: ARCHIVE Consumer Credit Law & Practice source.

Goode: ARCHIVE Consumer Credit Law & Practice contains commentary relating to consumer credit law and practice previously set out in Goode: Consumer Credit Law & Practice prior to the consumer credit regime change in April 2014. This ARCHIVE also contains revoked or repealed legislative materials that the General Editor and contributing editorial team felt should be retained for reference purposes but which, due to the limited physical capacity of the hardcopy binders, could only be retained in this online Archive.

The entire Goode title is available online or in print as part of the 5-volume loose-leaf.

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[Note: All material from the Financial Conduct Authority is reproduced with their kind permission and remains FCA copyright.]

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