Encyclopaedia of Banking Law

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Issue 200, December 2023

The following areas of the title have been updated:

Division C: The Relationship of Bank and Customer
Chapter 9: The Bank’s Duty of Secrecy or Confidence

Division D: Domestic Banking Operations
Chapter 10: Banks’ Environmental Liability

Division F1: Islamic Financial Institutions and Islamic Finance
Chapter 4: Best Practice Guidelines


Thomas Samuels, Barrister, Henderson Chambers, London  Author
Dr Bolanle Adebola, Associate Professor, School of Law, University of Reading  Author
Richard Mawrey KC  Contributing editor
Ruhi Sethi-Smith, Barrister, Forum Chambers, London  Contributor
The Hon.Mr. Justice Blair  Founding editor
Philip Wood KC  Founding editor
Clyde Darrell, Barrister, Forum Chambers, London  Contributor
Ryan Ferro, Barrister, 3vb, London  Author
George Walker  Contributing editor
Charles Proctor LLB (B'ham), LLD (B'ham), Partner, gunnercooke LLP, London   General editor
Victor Steinmetz, Barrister, 3vb, London  Author
Jonathan Lester, Barrister, Forum Chambers, London  Contributor
David McIlroy MA (Cantab), Mltr Dt (Toulouse), Phd (Wales) Barrister & Head of Forum Chambers, London, Visiting Professor in Banking Law at Queen Mary's University of London and at the University of Notre Dame (USA) in England  General editor
Michael Phillis, Barrister, Forum Chambers, London  Contributor
Sir Peter Cresswell  Founding editor
Lloyd Maynard, Barrister, Forum Chambers, London  Contributor
Dr Karim Aldohni Contributing editor
 Lara Oyesanya Contributing editor
 Paul Choon Kiat Wee Contributing editor
 Richard Hanke Contributing editor
 Sarah Garvey Contributing editor
 Sarah Paterson Contributing editor
 Stephen Makin Contributing editor
 Theodor van Sante Contributing editor