Encyclopaedia of Banking Law

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Issue 172, December 2019


The following areas of the title have been updated:

Division B Banking and EC Law
Chapter 1: Introduction: Bases for legislation

Division C The Relationship of Bank and Customer
Chapter 1: The commencement of the relationship between bank and customer
Chapter 2: The nature of the relationship between bank and customer
Chapter 3: Codes of practice

Division F International Banking Operations
Chapter 4: Governing law

Division F1 Islamic Financial Institutions and Islamic Finance
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Islamic Financial Institutions
Chapter 3: Regulation of Islamic financial business
Chapter 4: Best Practice Guidelines
Chapter 5: Legal nature of the Shari’a
Chapter 6: International operations
Chapter 7: Practical application of Shari’a principles
Chapter 8: Jurisdictional overview
Chapter 9: Islamic capital market
Chapter 10: Glossary

Division H Domestic Banking Materials
Chapter 1: Codes of Practice

UK Statutory Materials
Please be advised that the UK statutory divisions (Divisions G & I) previously maintained in this looseleaf have been removed. Fully consolidated and annotated UK legislation can be accessed through LexisLibrary. This service provides over 86,000 enactments dating back to 1266, with all new enactments loaded onto LexisLibrary within 24 hours of publication.

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