UK Regulatory Materials Summaries

Current Awareness

This source contains publication details of material of an official or regulatory nature, published since the beginning of 1995 which are relevant to the users from the UK general legal market. A brief summary of the document's coverage including details of relevant legislation are provided along with external links to the document on the relevant third party site.

UK Regulatory Materials Summaries is a designated current awareness source. Personalised onscreen and e-mail alerts can be set up using this source and other current awareness sources from the alerts wizard in the Alerts tab area. This source can be searched by date and topic on its own or in combination with other designated current awareness sources from the current awareness search form. It can also be searched from either the Home page or the Materials search form.

Material includes Press Releases and Consultation documents from Governmental and non-governmental regulatory sources, plus Green and White papers, and Reports, and press releases from a wide range of non-governmental organisations. Over 3,000 web pages a day are reviewed in order to update this source.

Coverage includes:

Command Papers
Green Papers
White Papers
Parliamentary Papers (HC, HL) including Select Committee Reports and Papers
Law Commission Consultation Papers (Numbered Series) and Reports (Numbered series)
European Union Green Papers, White Papers and Press Releases
One-off reports
Rules and Annual Reports of the following UK Government departments, non-governmental regulatory and professional bodies

Agencies covered include:


Accountancy Foundation
Accounting Standards Board
Age Concern
American Benefits Council
Association of Payment Clearing Services (APACS)
Association of British Insurers
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
Association of Consulting Actuaries
Association of Pensions Lawyers
Association of Personal Injury Lawyers
Association of Super-annuation Funds of Australia
Association of Tax Technicians
Audit Commission
Auditing Practices Board
Australian Prudential Regulation Authority


Bank of England
Bar Council Ireland
Bar Council Scotland
British Property Foundation
British Standards Institute
Broadcasting Standards Commission


Cabinet Office
Central Bank of Ireland
Charity Commission
Charity Finance Director's Group
Chartered Institute of Housing in Scotland
Chartered Institute of Management Accounts
Chartered Institute of Tax
Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accounting (CIPFA)
Civil Aviation Authority
Civil Procedure Rules Update
Commission for Racial Equality
Companies House
Competition Commission
Compliance and Regulation news
Conservative Party
Construction Federation
Court Service
Criminal Cases Review Commission
Crown Prosecution Service


10 Downing Street
Department for Culture, Media & Sport
Department for Constitutional Affairs (formerly Lord Chancellors Department)
Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Department of Education & Skills
Department of Finance
Department of Health
Department Of Trade And Industry
Department of Transport
Department of Work & Pensions


Employment Appeals Tribunal
Environment Agency of England & Wales
Equal Opportunities Commission
Europa/European Parliament
European Court of Human Rights
European Court of Justice
European Environment Agency
European Patent Office


Family Law
Financial Action Task Force (FATF)
Financial Reporting Review Panel
Financial Services Authority


General Council of the Bar
General Insurance Standards Council
General Medical Council
Government actuaries department
Guernsey FSC


Health and Safety Executive
HM Customs & Excise
Home Office
House of Commons
House of Lords


Institute of Chartered Accountants England & Wales (ICAEW)
Institute of Chartered Accountants Scotland (ICAS)
Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA)
Institute of Financial Services (IFS)
Inland Revenue
Insolvency Service
Institute and Faculty of Actuaries
Institute of Chartered Accountants Ireland (ICAI)
Institute of Directors
Institute of Indirect Taxation
Institute of Internal Auditors
International Accounting Standards Committee
International Bureau of Chambers of Commerce
International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans
International Petroleum Exchange
Institute of Personnel Development (IPD)
International Tax and Investment Organisation (ITIO)


Jersey Employment and Social Security


Labour Party
Land Registry
Law Commission
Law Society
Law Society Ireland
Law Society of Scotland
Legal Services Commission
Liberal Party
Local Government Association
London Stock Exchange


National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF)
National Audit Office


Occupational Pensions Regulations Authority
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
Office for National Statistics
Office of Fair Trading
Office of Gas and Electricity Markets
Office of Government Commerce
Office of Telecommunications
Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
Office of the Director of Consumer Affairs
Office of Water Services
Office for the harmonization of the internal market (OHIM)


Pensions Advisory Service (OPAS)
Patent Office
Pensions Management Institute
Pensions Ombudsman
Planning Inspectorate
Planning Officers Society
Professional Contractors Group


Royal Town Planners Institute


Society of Pensions Consultants
Solicitors Family Law Association
Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners


Tax Aid
This is Guernsey
Trusts and Trustees
Trade Union Congress (TUC)


UK Online
US Bar


Valuation Office Agency


Wales Office
Work & Pensions Select committee
Work Foundation (Industrial Society)
World Intellectual Property Organisation