Tristram and Coote's Probate Practice

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Tristram and Coote's Probate Practice is the definitive work on probate and is extensively referred to by the Probate Registries. It contains up-to-date, expert guidance on all aspects of probate procedure and includes precedents recommended by Probate Registrars.

Tristam and Coote's Probate Practice has been fully updated since the publication of the second supplement and contains the latest, expert guidance on all aspects of probate procedure.

Additional Information:

31st Edition including the Third Supplement

The third supplement of Tristram and Coote's 31st edition includes:

  • Updates to the practice and procedure following the commencement of Non-Contentious Probate (Amendment) Rules 2018 (SI 2018/1137).

  • Replacement of precedent oath forms with statements of truth to accord with amended rules.

  • Current procedural developments in the Probate Service for dealing with applications for grants of representation.

  • Touches on the effect of the government's modernisation programme for the probate registries

  • The application of the Disclosure Pilot to probate claims.

  • Recent case law on the Forfeiture Act 1982, claims under s.50 of the Administration of Justice Act 1985 and abuse of process involving probate proceedings.

  • Updated text to take account of the Guardianship (Missing Persons) Act 2017 and PD 57C, as well as Part 57A - Business and Property Courts and PD 57AA and PD 57AB.

  • The main form of Inheritance Tax account - the IHT 400 - has been updated to take into account recent Inheritance Tax legislation amendments.

    August 2019


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