Tolley's Taxwise I 2019-20

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Tolley’s Taxwise Part I
Tolley’s Taxwise is published as a two-volume set. These highly practical tax books offer expert guidance on how to
approach real-life computations by providing all the relevant points from current legislation, case law and other official
material. Both volumes include numerous worked examples with detailed explanatory notes enabling both tax practitioners
and students to gain a thorough understanding of the relevant law and practice.

Tolley’s Taxwise I and II are written by tax experts who are renowned not only for their technical skills but also for their ability
to explain complex issues in simple terms. The authors draw on their extensive knowledge of the UK tax system to include
the most relevant worked examples with clear and detailed explanatory notes. Their unique skills are combined here with
the UK’s leading tax publisher to provide you with all the information you need in the most accessible format.

Taxwise I 2019-20 is required reading for all students studying for professional tax examinations and covers Income Tax,
National Insurance, Tax Credits, Corporation Tax and Capital Gains Tax. This book includes a section on international
income tax issues, including extensive coverage of UK resident non-domiciled individuals and a section on VAT. This
edition has been updated to reflect the Finance Act 2019.

Tolley’s Taxwise includes full cross-referencing and comprehensive indexing to assist immediate location of required
information; tables of rates for quick reference, and a summary of the provisions of Finance Act passed in 2019 by the
date of publication.