Tolley's Tax Planning 2023-24

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This source details in a clear and concise format the practical taxation strategies used across the whole range of financial decision-making criteria required by individuals, partnerships and corporate bodies.

It is written by practising experts in straightforward language, with clear explanations and practical solutions and provides an invaluable source of ideas on keeping tax payments to a minimum.

2023/24 Edition

This edition takes account of the changes in the law made by Finance Act 2023 and Finance (No 2) Act 2023, and other recent legislation, and of case law, practice statements, etc.


Andrew Constable  Contributor
Lorraine Nelson  Contributor
Steven Bone  Contributor
Ros Hendren  Contributor
Kevin Walton  Contributor
Juliet Halfhead  Contributor
Anthony Meehan  Contributor
Caroline Fleet  Contributor
Ellie Brown  Contributor
Philip Hare  Contributor
Janet Pierce (nee Paterson)  Contributor
Thomas Dalby  Contributor
Jamie Crawford  Contributor
Patrick Cannon  Contributor
David Hadley  Contributor
David Cory  Contributor
Jacqui Gudgion  Contributor
Nick Stevenson  Contributor
Michael Beard  Contributor
Victoria Corbet  Contributor
William Arrenberg  Contributor
Elena Rowlands  Contributor
Steve York  Contributor
Amanda Sullivan  Contributor
Philip Newbold  Contributor
Paul Randall  Contributor
Cliona Kirby  Contributor
Chris Collingwood  Contributor
James Kessler QC  Contributor
Gavin Little  Contributor
Markel Tax  Contributor
Mary Ashley  Contributor
Victoria Goode  Contributor
Andrew Seidler  Contributor
Martin Mann  Contributor
Stephen V Woodhouse  Contributor
Charlotte Fleck  Contributor
Lindsay Macgregor  Contributor
Matt Earp  Contributor
Ross Birkbeck  Contributor
David Smailes  Contributor
Satwaki Chanda  Contributor
Craig Simpson  Contributor
Sue Tilstone  Contributor
Robert Trill  Contributor
Ian Zeider  Contributor
Imran Umarji  Contributor
Howard Murray  Contributor
Moniza Syeda  Contributor
Kiran Khetia  Contributor
Erika Jupe  Contributor
Mark Baycroft  Contributor
Alana Graham  Contributor
John Lindsay  Contributor
Linda Pullan  Contributor
Peter Rayney  Contributor
David Missen  Contributor
Martin Wilson  Contributor
Oliver Marre  Contributor
Malcolm Gunn  Contributor
Jamie Crawford  Contributor
Naomi Smith  Contributor
 Charles Goddard Contributor
 Donald Pearce-Crump BA (Hons) LLB CTA (Fellow) ATT Contributor