Tolley's Tax Guide 2023-24

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Tolley's Tax Guide looks at everyday situations, found both in commercial and personal spheres, and explains all the relevant UK taxes which must be taken into consideration. It covers the entire range of UK taxes; contains approximately 150 worked examples; includes numerous checklists and tax planning aids; has clear layout and headings allowing easy identification of information needed; includes the latest tables of tax rates and allowances; and also includes a summary of the main tax changes in the past year.

2023-24 Edition

The Guide is updated annually to incorporate the changes in law and practice that occur each year, and is published this year just two months after Finance Act (No 2) 2023 received Royal Assent. After publication any in-year changes (via secondary legislation etc) will be published online on a weekly basis to ensure the commentary provided by Tolley's Tax Guide is as comprehensive and up to date as possible.


Lynne Poyser  Author
Jo Houghton  Author
Sean Maxwell  Author
Dave Cooper  Author
Edd Thompson  Author