Tolley's Social Security and State Benefit (Archive)

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Tolley's Social Security and State Benefits consolidates, in one volume, all the information you need to know on this complex subject.

It provides you with a well organised, logically laid out looseleaf, which allows you to find the information you want quickly and easily. With information about jobseekers allowance, income support, pensions health and medical care and much more, you can be guaranteed to have all the advice and guidance you will ever need at your finger tips.

An essential reference tool for benefit rights officers, DWP departments, personnel managers, accountants, lawyers and franchise clerks.
Reissued in May and updated in November; invoiced separately.

Additional Information:

Issue 42 - November 2016


Chapter Updates

Benefits System Update (Chapter 1)
Contributions (Chapter 2)
Jobseekers Allowance (Chapter 3)
Income Support (Chapter 4)
Universal Credit (Chapter 4A)
Care in the Community – Provision for the Elderly and Disabled (Chapter 7)
Housing (Chapter 8)
Tax Credits (Chapter 10A)
Child Maintenance (Chapter 11)
Family Benefits – Death in the Family (Chapter 12)
Health and Medical Care (Chapter 13)
Illness and Incapacity (Chapter 14)
Disabled People (Chapter 15)
Work Injuries and Diseases (Chapter 17)
Students (Chapter 19)
Job Search, Training and Employment (Chapter 20)
Claiming Benefits Abroad (Chapter 22)
Benefits for People Coming from Abroad (Chapter 22A)
Secretary of State Decisions, Revisions, Supersessions and Appeals (Chapter 23A)

Updated tables are included.

An updated Index is included.
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