Tolley's Employment Law Service

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SOURCE CURRENCY Issue 172, April 2024

Tolley's Employment Law Service provides comprehensive guidance and analysis in an accessible form. No other work can provide you with such complete guidance in a single volume. It provides immediate access to the latest legislation and judicial developments, and specialist advice and guidance on a whole range of topics from 'absence' to 'wrongful dismissal'.

The quality of commentary and analysis is assured by an expert author panel of experienced legal professionals, who have complete command of their subject and are able to answer the questions you are most likely to ask.

Tolley's Employment Law Service has been designed for those professionals who do not have the time to wade through volumes of material hunting for a specific point.

The following chapters have been updated:

Disclosing and Accessing Information
Discrimination I: General Principles
Employed or Self-employed?
Equality of Terms
Probationary Employees
Transfer of Undertakings
Wrongful Dismissal


Damian Brown  Contributor
Clive Sheldon  Contributor
Suzanne McKie  Contributor
John McMullen  Contributor
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 Adam Rice Contributor
 Andrea Oates Contributor
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