Tolley's Employment Handbook

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This staple Tolley publication covers the latest directives and legislation in the evolving area of employment law. Clear alphabetical ordering and concise text makes this the easiest route to update your knowledge. It takes a layered approach to the law, covering routine and complex subjects accordingly. Written by the highly experienced 11KBW, the 34th edition is guaranteed to contain the most reliable, up-to-date content.

34rd edition, published June 2020


Edward Capewell, Contributor
Leo Davidson, Contributor
Simon Forshaw, Contributor
James Goudie QC, Contributor
Paul Greatorex, Contributor
Harini Iyengar, Contributor
Seán Jones QC, Contributor
Christopher Knight Contributor
Michael Lee, Contributor
Richard Leiper QC, Contributor
Peter Lockley, Contributor
Julian Milford, Contributor
Ben Mitchell, Contributor
Thomas Ogg, Contributor
Christopher Parkin, Contributor
Marcus Pilgerstorfer, Contributor
Nigel Porter, Contributor
Anya Proops QC, Contributor
Zac Sammour, Contributor
Clive Sheldon QC, Contributor
Daniel Stilitz QC, Contributor
Judy Stone, Contributor
Holly Stout, Contributor
Andrew Blake, Contributor
Sarah Bradford, Contributor
Prof Dominic Regan, Contributor


 Christopher Knight Contributor
 Clive Sheldon QC Contributor
 Daniel Stilitz QC Contributor
 Edward Capewell Contributor
 Holly Stout MA, DipLaw, of Lincoln's Inn Contributor
 Julian Milford Contributor
 Sarah Bradford Contributor
 Sean Jones QC Contributor