Tolley's Customs and Excise Duties Handbook

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Customs and Excise Duties Handbook, 2023-24

Tolley's Customs and Excise Duties Handbook 2023-24 ('CEDH') is designed to complement Tolley's Yellow and Orange Tax Handbooks as an indispensable source of the tax legislation currently in force.

The Handbook sets out the legislation in seven volumes: General, GB Customs Legislation, EU Customs Legislation, Product Duties (hydrocarbon oils duty, alcoholic liquor duty, tobacco products duty, soft drinks industry levy and plastic packaging tax), Environmental Taxes (air passenger duty, aggregates levy, climate change levy and landfill tax), Betting and Gaming Duties, and Vehicle Excise Duties.

The Handbook is intended to provide busy practitioners and others working in the area of Customs and Excise with a useful collection of highly relevant materials.

Source Currency: November 2023