Tolley's Capital Allowances

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2019-20 Edition


Capital Allowances 2019-20

Tolley's Capital Allowances 2019-20 brings together in a single, comprehensive and practical volume the law and practice regarding capital allowances. This time-saving publication has been designed so that practitioners and taxpayers can establish what types of allowances are available and how they can be claimed in order to achieve greater tax savings.

The work was originally produced as a direct response to requests from tax practitioners for a book on this area of revenue law, and shows the practitioner how to make the most tax-effective use of capital investments. Copious worked examples are included throughout and are updated annually.

Tolley's Capital Allowances 2019-20 has all the information relevant to capital allowances up to 1 May 2019, including the provisions of Finance Act 2019. This edition includes:

  • New code of allowances for construction of structures and buildings

  • Temporary increase in the limit for the annual investment allowance to £1 million

  • Reduction in the plant and machinery special rate of writing-down allowances to 6%

  • Changes to leasing rules required by the introduction of IFRS 16

  • Latest cases and statutory instruments