Tolley's Administration of Trusts

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Written by a team of more than 20 distinguished and leading experts in the field, Tolley's Administration of Trusts provides practical and accessible guidance to all aspects of trust administration.

Published in association with the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, this title has been designed to help professionals in this area.

All the important legal provisions are discussed, and a variety of relevant forms, statutory material, precedents and checklists are included to provide practical assistance.

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The following chapters have been updated:
A1: Introduction to categories of trust
A7: Will Trusts and Trusts on Intestacy
A8: Fully Secret and Half Secret Trusts
B1: What is a Trustee?
B2: Who Can Act as a Trustee?
B3: Who Should Act?
B4: Trustees’ Remuneration
B5: Initial Appointment of Trustees
B6: Subsequent Appointment
B7: Retirement
B8: Removal of Trustees
B9: Charitable Trusts
B10: Vesting of Settlement Property
C3: Administrative Duties and Powers
E2: Tax Implications of Varying a Trust
E4: Breaking and Varying Trusts With Court Assistance
F4: Ways of Limiting Trustees’ Liability
F5: Special Situations

An updated set of tables and index are included in this issue.

Issue 46, May 2020


Alex Roe , BA, MSI, Client Director, Schroders Private Banking Contributor
Andrew Farley , LLB (Bristol), Partner, Wilsons Contributor
Charles Gothard , LLB (London), Partner, Speechly Bircham LLP Contributor
Charlie Russ , MSc (RAC), Assistant Rural Surveyor, Savills Contributor
 Christopher Parker , LLB, Barrister, HMG Law LLP Contributor
Clive Beer , MRICS, MCIArb, Savills Director, Head of Savills UK Rural Professional Services and UK/International Mediation Contributor
Dawn Goodman , Principal, Withers LLP Contributor
Derek Rawlings , BSc (Econ), FCA, CF, Partner, Rawlinson & Hunter Contributor
Edward Buckland , Managing Director, Head of Fiduciary, Barclays Wealth Advisory Contributor
Edward Reed , MA (Cantab),Partner, Macfarlanes Contributor
Francis Nation-Dixon , MA (Cantab), Partner, Adams & Remers Contributor
Geoffrey A Shindler , MA, LLM (Cantab), Consultant, DWF LLP Contributor
Helen Darling , LLB, Partner, Macfarlanes Contributor
James Kessler , QC, 15 Old Square, Lincoln's Inn Contributor
James Wyatt , MRICS, Head of Valuation, John D Wood & Co Contributor
John Thurston , LLB, Solicitor Contributor
Judith Ingham , MA (Oxon), Principal, Withers LLP Contributor
Julian Lipson , MA (Oxon), Principal, Withers LLP Contributor
 Katharine Landells , MA (Oxon), Solicitor, Withers LLP Contributor
Lynnette Bober , MA (Cantab), ACA, CTA, Director, Private Client Tax, Rawlinson & Hunter Contributor
Mark Curtis , BA (Dunelm), Solicitor, Speechly Bircham LLP Contributor
Mark Ibbitson , Solicitor, Withers LLP Contributor
Martyn Frost , FCIB, Director, Trenfield Trust and Estate Consulting Ltd Contributor
Nicholas Harries , MA (Oxon), Solicitor, Macfarlanes Contributor
 Owen Clutton , BA, LLB, BCL, Consultant, Macfarlanes LLP Contributor
Patrick Cannon , LLB, BCL, CTA (Fellow), Barrister, Tax Chambers, 15 Old Square, Lincoln's Inn Contributor
Peter Hodson , CEDR Accredited Mediator, Solicitor, Peter Hodson International Limited, Guernsey Contributor
Robert Bould , FRICS, CEO, GVA Contributor
Robin Vos , LLB, Partner, Macfarlanes Contributor
Sarah Dunn , MA (Oxon), Barrister, Pump Court Tax Chambers Contributor
Simon Jennings , MA (Oxon), FCA, Partner, Rawlinson & Hunter Contributor
Tim Fullerlove , LLM (Bristol), Solicitor, Wilsons Contributor
Wendy Philips , BA (Oxon), Director, Sotheby's Tax & Heritage Department Contributor