Tolley’s Accounting for Tax Professionals

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Tolley’s Accounting for Tax Professionals offers an accessible guide to the accounting rules relevant to the work of a tax professional in the UK. Designed specifically for busy tax practitioners, the Third Edition of this highly regarded handbook discusses how the tax charge is based on accounting principles. It explains those principles and the particular requirements of Financial Reporting Standards, as they apply to sole traders and partnerships, as well as companies.

What this book offers:

  • A practical and authoritative explanation of the role played by generally accepted accounting practice in determining liabilities to both income tax and corporation tax

  • Extensive coverage of the Financial Reporting Standards

  • Information written from a practical point of view and content tailored to the needs of tax professionals

  • Clear practical examples

  • New to this book:

  • 2022 Supreme Court declaration of the “Golden Rule” that tax follows accounting standards: Revenue and Customs Commissioners v NCL Investments

  • Additional material on company distributions

  • Relaxation of rules for micro-entities

  • Deferred tax provision for imposition of the OECD requirement for a minimum tax charge

  • All examples updated

  • The Third Edition of Tolley’s Accounting for Tax Professionals is the essential handbook for the busy tax professional.


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    Published September 2023

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    David Collison


    David Collison  Author