West Indian Reports

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The West Indian Reports is a series of reports of cases decided in the High Courts and Courts of Appeal of the West Indian states, and appeals therefrom to the Caribbean Court of Justice and Privy Council. Published in two volumes each year, the West Indian Reports includes decisions from the following jurisdictions: The Bahamas; Barbados; Belize; Bermuda; the Cayman Islands; the Eastern Caribbean States; Guyana; Jamaica; and Trinidad and Tobago.

The book on screen contains the complete set of the West Indian Reports beginning with cases in 1958. Currently this amounts to the full text of 85 volumes or about 3,500 cases. West Indian Reports Direct will be updated twice yearly as and when the hard copy volumes are published.

West Indian Reports maintains the familiarity of the hard copy publication combined with the unique strengths of the books on screen ä software. This enables faster and more thorough research by offering powerful and flexible searching over 40 years worth of reports and automatic cross-referencing at a keystroke.



The Hon Madam Justice Anita Allen President of the Court of Appeal of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas Editor
The Hon Mr Justice Carl Singh Acting Chancellor and Head of the Judiciary of Guyana Editor
The Hon Mr Justice Dennis Morrison OJ, CD President of the Court of Appeal of Jamaica Editor
The Right Hon Mr Justice Dennis Byron President of the Caribbean Court of Justice Editor
His Hon Mr Justice Ian Kawaley The Chief Justice of Bermuda Editor
The Hon Mr Justice Ivor Archie Chief Justice and President of the Court of Appeal of Trinidad and Tobago Editor
The Hon Dame Janice Pereira Chief Justice and President of the Court of Appeal of the Eastern Caribbean States Editor
The Hon Mr Justice Kenneth Benjamin Chief Justice of Belize Editor
His Hon Mr Justice Marston Gibson Chief Justice and President of the Court of Appeal of Barbados Editor