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Policing is the visible face of the law, under increasing scrutiny from government and the community as a whole. With the growing pressure to demonstrate best value through evidence-based policy and practice, The Police Journal is invaluable for all decision-makers and policy-makers, both within the police service and those working with the profession.

The Police Journal discusses issues at the heart of policing and offers practical advice on how to tackle them. Written by experts and read by the decision-makers, it offers commentary on a wide range of subjects: police procedure, IT, crime statistics, current practices, and new laws affecting policy. It will prove invaluable to senior level policemen and increasingly those involved in private security organisations, those involved in training and operational matters, academics interested in criminal justice (in particular those analysing police strategies and tactics), and anyone interested in criminology in general.

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Online ISSN: 5599
Print ISSN: 0032-258X

Volume 96 Issue 4, 1 DECEMBER 2023

Citation: PJ 96 4 (535)


More lesson learning, less risk aversion in England and Wales? Prospects for the police (conduct) regulations 2020
The centralization and rapid deployment of police agency information technologies: An appraisal of real-time crime centers in the U.S.
Understanding cybercrime in 'real world' policing and law enforcement
Exploring police culture and reform strategies post charing cross: Insights from the literature
Special beginnings: An explorative study of the early career experiences of volunteer special constables
COVID-19, distress and potential trauma exposure in the police service of England and Wales: A mixed method approach
Policing gun crimes: A comprehensive review of strategies and effectiveness
Experts' views on improving the quality of non-stranger rape complainants' accounts
Police responses to cyberstalking during the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK
From the eagle's nest: Texas sheriffs' views on illegal immigration


 Alison Jones Consultant editor
 James Wilson Editor
 Ruth Brown Editor