The Company Director: Powers, Duties and Liabilities

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The Company Director: Powers, Duties and Liabilities provides comprehensive coverage, in a single volume, of the powers, legal obligations and responsibilities of executive and non-executive company directors. The complex relationships of directors with fellow directors, the company, its employees and shareholders are fully explained.

Now in its 12th edition, this well-respected and established work has been updated to include:

  • A chapter on recently revised rules relating to corporate security especially the provisions governing constructive knowledge and priorities
  • Coverage of the new mechanism of making complaints to the Company Names Adjudicator. This new procedure is considered in some detail
  • Coverage of the latest changes to the company share buy-back regime
  • Discussion of the anticipated provisions of the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill, including abolition of corporate directors, directors' extended liabilities to disqualification and on insolvency, a new 'consent to act' regime and the new register of Persons with Significant Control
  • Case-law including Prest v Petrodel Resources, VTB Capital, Chandler v Cape plc, British Bank of the Middle East v Sun Life Association of Canada, ING Re (UK) Ltd v Versicherung AG, Wrexham AFC v Crucialmove Ltd

This book is essential reading for solicitors, barristers, company secretaries, corporate counsel and accountants.


 David Impey Author
 Michael Griffiths LL.B, LL.M Author
 Peter Loose Author