The Caribbean Civil Court Practice

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Source Currency: 3rd Edition, April 2024. The Caribbean Civil Court Practice is the essential guide to the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) as they apply in the Caribbean. The eagerly anticipated Third Edition equips practitioners, academics and judges across the region with all the up-to-date Rules and accompanying expert commentary. Comparable English provisions have also been referenced where appropriate. The new edition for 2024 contains the following, with authoritative and user-friendly commentary: the sweeping new Bahamas Rules, which came into force in March 2023; the rules for Barbados, Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court and Trinidad and Tobago; Judicial Committee of the Privy Council Rules; the Caribbean Court of Justice Rules; forms associated with the Bahamas and Trinidad and Tobago Rules. This third edition of The Caribbean Civil Court Practice celebrates the memory of the pioneering work of the late David di Mambro, its founding Editor-in-Chief. Over the past decade, complete reforms have been implemented in the Bahamas, while other judiciaries such as the Eastern Caribbean and the Caribbean Court of Justice have undergone significant reviews of their existing rules. The new edition makes the most of the past decade of litigation and case law which has deepened the understanding and interpretation of these Caribbean rules. Editor In Chief - The Right Honourable Mr Justice Adrian Saunders, President of the Caribbean Court of Justice and a former Chief Justice (Ag) of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.