Designs Law and Practice

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Source Currency: 3rd Edition

Formerly published as Sykes: Intellectual Property in Designs, this is a substantially revised and updated new edition of the comprehensive yet practical reference source for the various IP rights protecting designs.

Providing guidance on individual circumstances where clients need to be advised about an infringement or the protection for a design, the newly rebranded Designs Law and Practice title includes examples, case studies, comparative tables, and illustrations of infringements and designs that are or are not protectable.

This Third Edition includes:

* A new chapter explores the impact of Brexit on design rights in the UK and the EU, including the implications for existing and future registrations, the transitional arrangements, and the potential changes to the legal framework and the courts' approach.
* Comparative tables illustrating the similarities and differences between the legal systems and the best practices for securing and defending design rights.
* Fully updated case law and legislation, reflecting the latest developments and practices in design law.
* A strong emphasis on case studies, diagrams and examples to illustrate the practical application of design law and the strategies and solutions for common scenarios and problems.

Written by an expert team at RPC, with contributions from international experts, it covers UK and EU-wide law, including the impact of Brexit, as well as other major jurisdictions such as the US, Italy and Hong Kong.


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