Statute Law Review


The principal objectives of the Statute Law Review are to provide a vehicle for the consideration of the legislative process, the use of legislation as an instrument of public policy and of the drafting and interpretation of legislation.

The Statute Law Review, which was first established in 1980, is the only journal of its kind within the Commonwealth. It is of particular value to lawyers in both private practice and in public service, and to academics, both lawyers and political scientists, who write and teach within the field of legislation.

Online ISSN: 1464-3863
Print ISSN: 0144-3593

Volume 41, Issue 1, 1 FEBRUARY 2020

Citation: Statute Law Rev (2020) 41 (1): 5



Tales of Broken Water Mains and ASDA Employees: Drafting Evolution or Drafting for Confusion?
The Virtues of Sunset Clauses in Relation to Constitutional Authority
Debunking Millar v. Taylor: The History of the Prohibition of Legislative History
Private Bill Procedure: The Petitioner Experience
A Travesty of Justice: Non-Compliance with the Automatic Review Mechanism for Sentences in Malawi
Indian Forest Rights Legislation: Significance of Recognizing the Legal Pluralism for Indigenous Peoples Rights
'May' and 'Shall' and 'Must': Power or Duty?
On Mandatory Criminal Sentences, Legislative Interpretation, and the Prospective Application of the Law: A View from Singapore

Book Reviews: Continuing and Change, Lord Dyson, 2018


A Samuels Editorial board member
D R Miers Editorial board member
G R Drewry , University of London, UK Deputy editor
Professor T St. John N Bates Editor
Rt Hon Lord Renton Editorial board member
T D Pope Editorial board member