Statute Law Review


The principal objectives of the Statute Law Review are to provide a vehicle for the consideration of the legislative process, the use of legislation as an instrument of public policy and of the drafting and interpretation of legislation.

The Statute Law Review, which was first established in 1980, is the only journal of its kind within the Commonwealth. It is of particular value to lawyers in both private practice and in public service, and to academics, both lawyers and political scientists, who write and teach within the field of legislation.

Online ISSN: 1464-3863
Print ISSN: 0144-3593

SOURCE CURRENCY Volume 45, Issue 1, 1 APRIL 2024 Statute Law Rev (2024) 45 (1): 1 UPDATE INFORMATION Articles The Committee for Quality Evaluation of the Law Making Process in Greece: Another One Law Drafting Committee or Something More? The Discrimination and Anomaly in the Property Rights of Indian Women Reassessing Proportionality: Implied Limitations and Judicial Review under Section 6 of the British Nationality Act 1981 Bilingual Statutory Interpretation and the United Kingdom: Domestic Law and International Experiences A First Take on the Legal Scrutiny of the Law-Making Process Implementation of EU Regulations in Czechia* Better Regulation and its Evolution in the Hellenic Legislative and Parliamentary System Textualism as a Theory of Interpretation of Legal Norms in the Context of Doctrinal Views Judicial Review Challenges to Secondary Legislation in England and Wales: Courting Controversy Law and Policy Framework Governing Wastewater (Reuse) Management in India Interpreting Statutes in a Manner Consistent with Seychelles' International Obligations: Analysing the Court of Appeal's Decision in The Anti-Corruption Commission of Seychelles v Laura Valabhji (2023) Bilingual Law in Wales (and England): The Implications of Law Being Made in Two Languages The Legislative Process and Regulatory Interventions in the Greek Democracy: Deep-Rooted Weaknesses and Recommendations for Improvement Political Economy and Impact Assessment The Corporate 'Failure to Prevent' Principle in the UK Bribery Act 2010: Philosophical Foundations of Economic Crime The Right to Citizenship of Rohingya Children of Bangladeshi Descent Under International Human Rights Law A Double-Edged Sword? The Criminalization of False Rape Accusations in Botswana Managing Legislative Drafting Projects by Applying Project Management Techniques Policy Responses To Fake News On Social Media Platforms: A Law And Economics Analysis Subjective or Objective Legislative Intention: An Australian/German Perspective An Analysis of the Legislative Protection for Journalists and Lawyers Under Zimbabwe's Interception of Communications Act Where the Gavel Wields: The Jurisdictional Conundrum of Sedition in Hong Kong Measuring the Quality of Law Drafting: Did COVID-19 Weaken Evidence-Based Policy Making in Finland? Better Regulation and the Secretariat General for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs of the Presidency of the Hellenic Government: A Considerable Work Already in Progress


 A Samuels Editorial board member
 D R Miers Editorial board member
 G R Drewry , University of London, UK Deputy editor
 Professor T St. John N Bates Editor
 Rt Hon Lord Renton Editorial board member
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