Stanley: Taxation of Farmers and Landowners

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This popular title deals fully with the implications of all taxes for landowners and farmers and takes account of the changed economic climate for farming in Britain.
* Discusses the latest developments in inheritance tax, capital gains tax, valuation of agricultural tenancies and VAT
* Includes guidelines, worked examples and checklists for a more practical explanation of a complex subject area

Taxation of Farmers and Landowners

In this Issue
Issue 47
December 2020


Issue 47 includes:

Please note that the Agriculture Bill, referred to throughout this edition of Stanley, received Royal Assent on 11 November 2020 and has now become the Agriculture Act 2020.

  • Agriculture Bill update at Guest and Horsford at [1.4]

  • The need to rectify farm accounts to show the correct position at [1.39]

  • The importance of the evidence of accounts for mixed use rate of SDLT at [1.43]

  • Changes to making tax digital deadlines at [1.49]

  • Repair of yard surface – Steadfast Manufacturing & Storage Ltd v HMRC at [2.42]

  • Naghshineh v HMRC case overturned in the Upper Tribunal at [2.114]

  • Furnished holiday accommodation and COVID-19 – grace day elections at [5.64]

  • Update for corporate loss restriction over £5m at [7.10]

  • COVID-19 VAT measures at [9.24] and [9.89]

  • Temporary reliefs from SDLT during COVID-19 at [10.32]

  • Update for recent case on multiple dwellings relied at [10.57A]

  • Unlimited timescale in relation to ‘arrangements’ giving rise to SDLT charge where land is transferred into a partnership at [10.77]

  • Sham argument raised by tribunal judge in IHT home loan case at [15.51]

  • Property development rules – `a big shake up’ at [17.5]
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