Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia Index


The Index is an index to the law as stated in the twenty-five volumes and the reissued titles of the Laws of Scotland: Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia.

Entries in the Index refer to either the volume number or the abbreviation for the Reissue title and the paragraph number. Volume numbers or Reissue abbreviations are printed in bold type (eg 18, Crim), and paragraph numbers are in roman type (eg 551), with hypertext links allowing direct access to the paragraph.

An index is, by its nature, subjective. No two people will agree on what should or should not be included in an index, and in what way index entries should be phrased. It is hoped, however, that this Index, which contains the revised and merged title indexes of the twenty-five original volumes together with the reissued titles, will assist readers to find their way round the encyclopaedia, and to cross-refer with greater ease.