Specialist News Analysis

Current Awareness

Specialist News Analysis is a designated current awareness source. Personalised onscreen and e-mail alerts can be set up using this source and other current awareness sources from the alerts wizard in the Alerts tab area. The last year's worth of content from this source can also be searched in combination with other designated current awareness sources from the current awareness search form. The entire source archive can be searched from either the Home page or the Commentary search form.

The Specialist News Analysis source provides short, up to the moment insights into the developments affecting specific markets of interest to specialist LNB customers. Rather than providing basic summaries of the news this source offers information on the trends and implications of these developments. This source dates from 2001. The core areas of coverage within this source are:
- Accountancy and tax
- Finance
- Building and Construction
- Pensions
- Health & Safety and facilities
- Payroll
- Employment, HR and Equal Opportunities
- Company Compliance
- Local Government
- Trading Standards
- Planning
- Education