Smith, Owen and Bodnar on Asset Recovery, Criminal Confiscation and Civil Recovery


Issue 14 (November 2019)

This definitive work, covers the expanding law and practice of Asset Recovery in the domestic, European, and international spheres, and is designed for practitioners involved in investigations and legal proceedings for the recovery of the proceeds of crime (including terrorism). The work covers the three areas of recovery instigated by law enforcement agencies: (1) criminal confiscation in the criminal courts; (2) civil recovery in the civil courts; and (3) taxation by administrative proceedings and on appeal to the courts. The work also contains a part dealing with money laundering and terrorist financing offences and regulation and compensation, restitution and forfeiture procedures and orders in the criminal courts. It also includes the full text of PCA 2002 and other essential legislation.

This new edition has been updated to cover all recent developments in recovery of the proceeds of crime, and, since Asset Recovery law itself is a complex blend of civil and criminal law, all recent developments in property, trust, insolvency, and taxation law. The new edition has also been expanded to provide; increased procedural guidance (with checklists and precedents); extended comparative coverage; and enhanced commentary on enforcement issues in the Magistrates' Court.

Please note that Binder 2, Materials, Part II, Appendix 4 is available in Binder 1, and has therefore not been reproduced in the online service to avoid unnecessary duplication of content. All Rules of Court are currently in Binder 1.

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