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Simon’s Taxes has been providing tax practitioners with authoritative analysis and commentary since 1948. We recently embarked on a major programme of enhancement of Simon’s to ensure that it remains the indispensable reference tool for everybody who works in tax. The fundamentals have not changed - we have retained the depth and breadth of the commentary – but we have enhanced the coverage of the key topics of greatest interest to practitioners, organising the content in a more logical way and making the on-line experience of using Simon’s easier and more intuitive.

Simon’s therefore remains the indispensable source of commentary for everybody in tax whilst better reflecting an increasingly digital-first tax world.

Written and reviewed by experts
Backed by an Editorial Board of John Whiting and Malcolm Gunn, Simon's Taxes commentary also features contributions and reviews from tax experts and practitioners, supported by an in-house team of qualified tax advisers.

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6 August 2020