Shares and Share Capital under the Companies Act 2006

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CURRENCY: Second Edition, September 2019

The Companies Act 2006 made a number of significant changes to the law on shares and share capital while also retaining many of the provisions of the old law. Some changes are simplifications to the law for private companies, notably on financial assistance, share capital reduction and company buy-back of own shares, as well as the abolition of authorised capital. The whole structure is informed and constrained by the provisions of the Company Law Directives, which are principally applicable to public companies.

This work analyses those changes, and also considers case law doctrines such as improper purposes for issuing shares and case law on those provisions which have not changed but continue to be relevant.

The content has been updated to consider a number of cases on these provisions and other developments in the ten years since the Act came into force fully.

Andrew McGee MA BCL (Oxon) FRSA