Securitisation Law & Practice: EU & US Disclosure Regulations (Updated 2014)


Securitisation Law: EU & US Disclosure Regulations (2nd ed) is the only text that comprehensively compares the legal substance of securitisation regulations in the EU and the USA. It provides detailed commentary on the disclosure regulations for asset-backed securities governed by the EU Prospectus Directive and Prospectus Regulation and the US Regulation AB, as well as checklists, flowcharts and relevant forms. It contains the latest EU Directives and Regulations and the US Final Rules on Asset-Backed Securities (as of 1 August 2014) and provides a critical examination of the new rules on risk retention, including the EU Regulations and the US Proposed Rule (as of 1 August 2014), as well as a discussion of the latest case law and critical legal issues. It is intended to meet the demands of international practitioners, and sets out a comparative methodology that will allow them to decide regulatory compliance issues relating to a particular jurisdiction.