Scottish Transcripts

Scottish Transcripts from the Court of Session, High Court of Justiciary, Sheriff Court and the House of Lords and Employment Appeal Tribunal in London, among others.

The supreme civil court, the Court of Session, is divided into two branches. The Outer House hears civil cases of first instance. The Inner House, itself divided into two divisions, reviews the decisions of the Outer House and other inferior courts. Appeals from the Court of Session lie to the House of Lords in London.

The High Court of Justiciary is Scotland's supreme criminal court. The Sheriff Court deals with less serious offences. Scotland is divided into six sheriffdoms, each of which has a Sheriff-Principal and a number of Sheriffs.

Other tribunals and courts of special jurisdiction include: the Employment Appeal Tribunal, Land Valuation Court, Scottish Land Court, Land Tribunal for Scotland, and Court of Lord Lyon (heraldry - disputes as to the right to bear coats of arms).