Butterworths Scottish Family Law Service

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Issue 91, November 2023


Issue 91 contains updates to the following chapters:

A4: Miscellaneous consequences of marriage
A6: Termination and annulment of marriage and civil partnership
C2: Parentage of children
H1: Introduction
H2: Earnings-replacement benefits
H3: Income-Related Benefits
H4: 'Extra Costs' and Disability Benefits
H5: People in special circumstances
H6: Administration of benefits
H7: Information resources, advice and representation


Shona Smith, Partner, Family Law Team Balfour+Manson LLP  Editor
Mark Allison, Advocate  Editor
Robert Gilmour, Director SKO Family Law Specialists  Editor
Amy Donachie, Advocate  Editor
Megan Davidson, Advocate  Editor
Iain Halliday, Advocate  Editor
Kirsty Hood, LLB (Hons), Dip LP Advocate, Faculty of Advocates, Edinburgh  Editor
Dr Alex Critchley, Advocate  Editor
Melanie Barbour, Advocate  Editor
Sarah Trainer, Advocate  Editor
Sandra M Eden, LLB, ATII Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Edinburgh  Editor
Brian Kearney, MA, LLB Solicitor, Formerly Sheriff of Glasgow and Strathkelvin at Glasgow  Editor
Janys M Scott KC, MA (Cantab), Advocate  Editor
Sabrina Dubash LLB, Barrister  Editor
Frank Burr, Advocate  Editor
John Speir, LLB, Advocate, Sheriff of South Strathclyde, Dumfries and Galloway at Hamilton  General editor