Ryde on Rating and the Council Tax

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Ryde on Rating and the Council Tax is the most authoritative work on rating available, offering a comprehensive collection of the relevant statutory materials and the latest practice notes for both non-domestic rates and council tax and is accompanied by detailed commentary.

This well-established work covers everything from recovery of rates and council taxes to exemptions and relief and includes valuable chapters on appeals and insolvency. There is full coverage of all statutes, statutory instruments, rules and orders as well as detailed analysis of the relevant case law.


Issue 95, October 2023


Division E: The Measure of Liability

Chapter 4: Charities and Other Organisations

Chapter 6: Places of Religious Worship, etc

Division E: The Measure of Liability

Chapter 6: Valuation by Reference to Comparable Assessments

Division F: Rating Lists

Chapter 1: Local and Central Non-domestic Rating Lists

Division H: The Council Tax

Chapter 5: Administration and Enforcement

Local Government Finance Act 1992

Binder 2

Division J: Statutory Instruments – continued

The following Statutory Instruments have been updated:

Valuation Tribunal for Wales Regulations 2010


Cain Ormondroyd  Editor
Richard Glover  General editor
George Mackenzie  Editor
Richard Fisher  Editor
Jenny Wigley  Editor