Relocation: A Practical Guide

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Edition: 2nd
Relocation disputes arise between separated parents when one of them proposes to move to a different geographic location with their child and the other parent objects to the plan. Whether the proposed move is within the United Kingdom or international, the consequence of either allowing or refusing a relocation application is usually of the greatest importance to the parents and children involved. Relocation: A Practical Guide offers practitioners and parents a comprehensive handbook on the law and practice which is needed to successfully handle any relocation dispute, whether it ends up in court or not.

Written in an accessible style by a team of experienced specialists, Relocation: A Practical Guide explains the entire process of dealing with a relocation case. After a detailed discussion of both international and internal relocation law (including case examples and key summaries), the book moves step by step through the entire process of a case, from first discussions to final hearings and appeals. Essential relocation cases and relevant Practice Directions are also contained in the appendices, making this an indispensable guide for anyone working in this complex and fast-changing area of law and practice.

This new edition includes:

  • Full updating of the procedure and terminology in the light of the 2014 legislative changes

  • Inclusion of the latest research data about relocation disputes

  • Updates to all case-law discussion, taking into account the latest developments including Re F (International Relocation Cases) [2015] and Re C (Internal Relocation) [2015]

  • Greater detail on less common issues which can arise in a relocation case, including discussion of questions and the relevance of a previous abduction or unsuccessful relocation application

  • Additional discussion of the practicalities of complying with the formalities of the Brussels II Revised
  • Regulation in terms of creating orders which are enforceable across the EU

  • Analysis of issues to do with jurisdiction and habitual residence relevant to international relocation disputes

  • More detailed information on where to obtain particular kinds of expert advice which can be needed in relocation cases

  • Additional discussion of temporary relocation applications in the light of recent case-law

  • A fully revised chapter on appeals, taking into account the courts' changed approach following the Supreme Court decision in Re B (Care Proceedings: Appeal) [2013]

  • Fully revised appendices with new case extracts, updated practice directions and expanded sample materials
  • Contributors

     Anna Worwood Author
     Damian Garrido QC Author
     Frances Judd QC Author
    Dr Rob George Author