Public Rights of Way and Access to Land

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5th Edition, August 2021

Public Rights of Way and Access to Land explains the creation and loss of public rights of way and access to land, how their existence can be ascertained, and the nature of the obligations to maintain and manage them. It is a vital resource for both practitioners in local authorities and planning departments, and landowners and their advisers.

The 5th edition is updated to include coverage of the following:

  • The Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014

  • The Growth and Infrastructure Act 2013

  • The Deregulation Act 2015

  • Statutory Instruments and important new case law

  • The latest Government guidance and the ongoing effects of the Covid pandemic.

  • Chapter 1 Definitions and Classes of Public Rights of Way and Analogous Rights
    Chapter 2 The Legal Interests and Rights of Highway Authorities, Landowners, Users and Utility Companies
    Chapter 3 Creation of Public Rights of Way
    Chapter 4 Extinguishment and Diversion Orders
    Chapter 5 Recording Rights of Way
    Chapter 6 Determination of Contested Orders
    Chapter 7 Ascertaining Public Rights of Way
    Chapter 8 Maintenance of Highways
    Chapter 9 Interference with Public Rights of Way
    Chapter 10 Management, Common Problems and Conservation
    Chapter 11 Background to the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000
    Chapter 12 Access Land
    Chapter 13 Rights and Obligations of the Public
    Chapter 14 Rights and Obligations of Owners and Occupiers
    Chapter 15 Entry to Access Land
    Chapter 16 Management
    Chapter 17 Coastal Access