Probate Disputes and Remedies

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3rd Edition, March 2014

Probate Disputes and Remedies provides clear, practical and in-depth guidance to the law and procedure of contentious probate work. Adopting a problem-solving approach the authors highlight specific difficulties that are likely to be encountered in practice, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each course of action and point out the potential pitfalls along the way.

The work deals with the following matters:
  • Disputed lifetime transactions and the Court of Protection

  • Coroners’ inquests and burial disputes

  • Obtaining the grant - dispute and resolution

  • Disputes relating to the will

  • Estate administration disputes

  • Disappointed beneficiary claims

  • Creditor claims and insolvent estates

  • Claims against professional advisers

  • This new edition has been extensively revised throughout and includes new material such as:

  • New chapter on Mutual Wills

  • European Succession Regulations (Brussels IV)

  • Many chapters have new 'Practice and Procedure' section

  • Includes all new case-law such as Kernott v Jones, Perrins v Holland, Barrett v Bem, Curati v Perdoni, Re D (Statutory Will), Futter v Futter, Futter v HMRC, Ilot v Mitson, Iqbal v Ahmed, Marley v Rawlings, Burgess v Hawes, Greaves v Stolkin, PGF II SA v OMFS

  • New coroners regime (Coroners and Justice Act 2009)

  • Expertly drafted precedents including model letters and pleadings which provide the reader with a time-saving and practical resource.