Paterson's Licensing Precedents

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131th Edition, up to date to September 2022

The precedents of the definitive work dealing with licensing law in England and Wales. Paterson's Licensing Acts online provides a detailed and clear analysis of licensing law and contains all relevant statutes & statutory instruments relating to public entertainment, health & safety; liquor licensing; night cafes; betting; gaming; lotteries; appeals, applications & procedure; and fees & fines.

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The Honourable Sir John Saunders  General editor
David Wilson  Consultant editor
Jeremy Phillips KC, Barrister, of Inner Temple  Editor-in-chief
Gary Grant (Barrister)  Consulting editor
Sarah Clover (Barrister)  Consulting editor
Leo Charalambides (Barrister)  Consulting editor
David Lucas (Solicitor)  Consulting editor
Gerald Gouriet KC, Barrister, of Inner Temple  General editor
Charles Holland (Barrister)  Consulting editor