Parker's Law and Conduct of Elections


Parker's Law and Conduct of Elections is recognised as the standard work on election law and practice, covering every aspect of parliamentary, European parliamentary and local elections and referendums in England and Wales. Coverage includes parish and community, Welsh Assembly, Greater London and police commissioner elections and referendums.

The 22 chapters of commentary contain detailed discussion of all relevant legislation and case law. Legal requirements and procedures are described in detail. The Appendices reproduce all relevant statutes and statutory instruments in up-to-date form with all amendments clearly annotated. The Appendices also reproduce relevant guidance material and Electoral Commission Circulars.

The service is updated three times per year.

Issue 67, June 2020

Binder 1


The following chapters have been updated:

  • Chapter 1: Elections and Electoral Areas

  • Chapter 2: Franchise

  • Chapter 2: Franchise

  • Chapter 3: Registration of Electors

  • Chapter 4: The Returning Officer, his Staff and Expenses

  • Chapter 7: Political parties

  • Chapter 5: The Candidate

  • Chapter 6: The Election Agent and his Staff

  • Chapter 8: Election Expenses

  • Chapter 15: The Poll

  • The index has been updated.

    Binder 2

    In Appendix A the following Acts have been amended:

  • House of Commons Disqualification Act 1975

  • Representation of the People Act 1983

  • Representation of the People Act 2000

  • Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000

  • Binder 3

    Subordinate Legislation
    In Appendix B the following Statutory Instruments have been amended:

  • Police and Crime Commissioner Elections Order 2012

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     Richard Price, QC OBE, Bencher of Gray's Inn Editor