O'Keefe: The Law of Weights and Measures

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Issue 133, March 2024

Key Points
As well as general updating and amendment throughout O’Keefe Law of Weights and Measures this issue contains updates to the following areas:

  • Division 2 Regulations and orders

  • Division 2A Regulations and Orders — Northern Ireland

  • Division 4 Official Documents

  • Division 4A WELMEC Publications

  • Division 6 Glossary

  • O’Keefe: The Law of Weights and Measures is the standard and authoritative source of reference in the complex area of weights and measures law and practice. It provides the text of the Weights and Measures Act 1985 and all other relevant statutes in fully annotated form, together with all subordinate legislation, EU legislation and official documents and summaries of any relevant cases.

    It also provides enormous practical assistance by offering complete guidance on the deprescription of weighing and measuring equipment under the government's deregulation programme and provides up-to-date coverage of the increasing number of European Directives relating to the establishment of a Community system of weights and measures.


    Ian Turner BA (Hons), DTS, MTSI  Editor