Medico Legal Journal (Archive)

Archived May 2019

This quarterly journal proves useful for medical megligence practitioners and experts, personal injury practitioners and experts, lawyers and forensics. EMIS began publishing the Journal for the Medico-Legal Society of London in 1999. It has continued to provide a forum for lawyers and medics to discuss medico-legal topics. The Journal provides articles based on lectures given by pre-eminent speakers at the Society. In addition, the Journal covers developments in civil procedure as they affect medico-legal work and provides articles on the role of the expert.

Online ISSN: 2042-1834
Print ISSN: 0025-8172

Volume 76, Issue 4, 1 March 2009

Citation:MLJ 76 (118)

The July issue is not available at the moment owing to licensing issues. We are looking at rectifying this.

Public Health Meets Law: Are There Sufficient Legal Safeguards to Ensure Access to Public Health Care for All?

Presidential Address: Serious Sexual Offences a Physician's Perspective

Revalidation and Recertification the Future

Proving and Disproving Psychiatric Injury