Margo on Aviation Insurance

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The fourth edition of this highly regarded work examines all forms of aviation insurance, and includes a detailed analysis of its practical applications and of the workings of the international aviation insurance market. The new edition, under the helm of its new, international editorship, brings together a wealth of market-leading authority, commentary and precedent.

Fully updated to include all new developments in the area of aviation insurance practice and law since the previous edition, this essential work includes:

* Detailed coverage of the impact of the September 11, 2001 terrorism acts on the writing of war and terrorism insurance

* The establishment of the Aviation Insurance Clauses Group as a replacement for the Joint Technical and Clauses Committee

* Discussion of new policy forms, clauses and endorsements adopted by the insurance market since 2000, including such endorsements as AVN67c and AVN99 covering the interests of aircraft financiers and lessors

* Changes in the structure and regulation of Lloyd's, developments in law governing insurance companies and underwriters at Lloyd's, and in the interpretation of aviation policies

* Developments in European Union law which impact on the London Market

The only text of its kind that describes in complete detail the structure and workings of the London aviation insurance market, the writing of aviation insurance, the kinds of coverage which are available, including hovercraft and spacecraft insurance, and the legal principles involved in the interpretation of aviation insurance policies, this readily accessible text will be of significant value to all with a business or legal interest in this subject.


 Kathy Posner Editor
 Philip Chrystal Editor
 Rod Margo Author
 Tim Marland Editor