Lingard's Bank Security Documents Precedents

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Now in its seventh edition, Lingard is the leading textbook on bank security documents. Widely cited, this is a core resource for both banking lawyers and restructuring and insolvency lawyers, in private practice or in-house, bankers dealing with security documents or recovery situations and insolvency practitioners. It covers all aspects of the subject matter in detail, including chapters on guarantees and third-party charges, facility letters, the debenture, fixed and floating charges and covenants, and covers security documents for land, shares, life policies, contracts, goods, and money.

The new edition is updated to include discussion of:

  • The law on penalties: the Supreme Court decision in Cavendish Square Holdings BV v El Makdessi.

  • Developments in the law of guarantees: is there a 'purview doctrine'?

  • Insolvency matters: The Insolvency (England & Wales) Rules 2016 and the conclusion of the Lehman 'Waterfall' proceedings.

  • The Business Contract Terms (Assignment of Receivables) Regulations 2018.

  • The proposed changes in the Goods Mortgages Bill.

  • Implementation of the Cape Town Convention.


 Timothy N Parsons BEc LLB (Hons) (Sydney) Grad. Cert. Math. (Birkbeck) Solicitor, England & Wales and New South Wales Contributor