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Print ISSN: 0262-1495

Volume 117 Issue 41, 30 NOVEMBER 2020
Citation: (2020) LS Gaz, 30 Nov, 7 (1)


News: Wales' top lawyer rejects judicial review criticisms
News: 'Embrace consumer culture'
News: Mother denied legal aid wins case over 'trapped' capital
News: Lawyer in the News

Leader: Open justice is our birthright
Up Front: Courts to get funding boost
Up Front: 'No going back to old ways'
Up Front: Job cuts take shine off 'golden decade' for City firms
Up Front: 60 seconds
Up Front: MD struck off over bogus signatures
Up Front: Eleventh-hour plea on Lugano pact
Bar Conference: Vos vows to shake up civil justice
Bar Conference: CLAR report due in 2021
Bar Conference: Lammy raises prospect of race quotas for judiciary
In Focus: Missing the scam red flags
IBA 2020 Highlights: International bar body slams 'shameless' anti-lawyer jibes
IBA 2020 Highlights: Harassment training push
IBA 2020 Highlights: Raise alert over China, lawyers told
IBA 2020 Highlights: Law firms risk conflicts of interest with funders
IBA 2020 Highlights: Covid-19 emergency fuels threat to the rule of law
IBA 2020 Highlights: Susskind: courts must boldly go beyond decision-making
IBA 2020 Highlights: AI threat to civil forums
IBA 2020 Highlights: Digital platforms may herald 'Uberisation' of small firms
Opinion: State of the Union: Our values can civilise political discourse
Seen & Heard
Cover Story city instructions: Something happened
Legal update: Coronial law: Suicide and the burden of proof
Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal: SDT decisions
In Person: My Legal Life: Kishma Bolaji, Shoosmiths: Platform for progress



Alison Jones Consultant editor
James Wilson Editor
Ruth Brown Editor