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Articles, letters, announcements and reviews on British law and practice as reported in the Law Society Gazette, the weekly journal for British solicitors.

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Print ISSN: 0262-1495

Volume 117 Issue 23, 29 JUNE 2020
Citation: (2020) LS Gaz, 29 Jun, 5 (1


News: MoD breached duty of care, says firm in landmark action
News: 'Don't lay off junior lawyers'
News: ankara protest march clashes
News: £1.3bn fight for film damages
News: Funder Burford snaps up stake in dispute resolution firm
News: Bar students undeterred

Leader: You belong in a museum
Up Front: NQ pay cuts herald tough year ahead
Up Front: 'Wear masks in courtroom'
Up Front: Campaigners planning law centre in legal-aid ravaged Wales
Up Front: 60 second
Up Front: Jury trials could be curbed
Up Front: HMCTS braced for probate surge
In Focus: Client calls: check your privilege
In Focus: PI lawyers on tenterhooks over ruling worth millions
In Focus: Lawyer in the News
Opinion: State of the Union: Prepare for a global power struggle
Feedback: Letters
Seen and Heard
Cover Story – Charities: In the giving vein
Profile – Leslie Thomas QC: It's black and white
Legal Update: Commercial property: Service charges and careful drafting
In Practice: Return, Restart, Recovery: Tools to help you get back to a new normal
In Practice: Bribery and corruption: Ugly face of the beautiful game
In Person: My Legal Life



Alison Jones Consultant editor
James Wilson Editor
Ruth Brown Editor