The Law of Legal Services and Practice

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Currency: 2nd Edition, November 2019

John Gould, Managing Partner, Russell Cooke

With a team of specialist contributors

Written by a leading expert in the field with extensive first-hand experience of all of the legal issues that affect practice, and with specialist contributors, the result is an authoritative, wide-ranging and accessible work that provides real insights into the legal issues and current complexities of legal practice. It is an essential tool in dealing with the risks lawyers face every day. It provides the practical clarity and authoritative legal analysis without which problems may escalate and risks go unmitigated. It is, in short, the law relating to lawyers.

The Law of Legal Practice and Services provides in depth coverage of all of the regulated legal professions. It complements online resources, including the often lengthy materials provided by regulators. Its coverage is not limited to regulation, but includes the detail of the extensive common law relating specifically to lawyers. In doing so it provides an unparalleled opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others.

The Law of Legal Practice is a key reference work for all practising lawyers, particularly those with personal management or regulatory responsibilities. It will also be of great value to those who regularly purchase legal services. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the legal profession for those beginning their careers. It is the authoritative reference work of first resort.