Cretney and Lush on Lasting and Enduring Powers of Attorney

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9th Edition, January 2022

Cretney & Lush on Lasting and Enduring Powers of Attorney 9th edition contains all relevant legislation, prescribed forms, and commentary from leading experts in the field and is a must read for all practitioners advising on EPAs and LPAs.

The 9th edition has been significantly updated and expanded and includes coverage of:

  • the OPG’s new online verification service, launched in July 2020, which enables attorneys to prove their status to service providers, such as banks or healthcare providers, by providing them with online access to a summary of the relevant LPA

  • OPG’s plans for modernization of LPAs

  • the increasing relevance and importance of international aspects of LPAs as people’s lives become more global and individuals lose capacity with assets in different jurisdictions

  • Extended precedents chapter

  • dealing with errors in LPAs both before and after registration.

  • Caroline Bielanska is a practicing solicitor with over 30 years experience of advising older and vulnerable adults, and recognized as a leading expert on the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and health and social care law.

    Denzil Lush was admitted as a solicitor in 1978, and was the twentieth and final Master of the Court of Protection (1996-2007).


 Denzil Lush Author