Kingsley Napley & 6KBW College Hill: Serious Fraud, Investigation & Trial

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Fifth Edition, March 2023

Containing comprehensive coverage of recent changes and new legislation, the book explains clearly and succinctly the rules applicable to fraud cases, examining the means open to the prosecutor, defendant and judge in preparatory hearings to ensure a fraud trial is more manageable. The title covers the sentencing options open to the court, providing a comprehensive selection of important statutes, statutory instruments and practice directions.

The new edition includes the updates in:


  • Criminal Finances Act 2017

  • Crime (Overseas Production Orders) Act 2019

  • Guidance

  • Attorney General's Revised Guidelines on Disclosure 2022

  • CPS Disclosure Manual 2022

  • Updates Codes of Practice under PACE 1984

  • DPA Code of Practice

  • Cases

  • Aquila Advisory Ltd v Faichney & Others (Crown Prosecution Service intervening) - concerning the limits of the confiscation regime

  • R v Luckhurst - concerning the inter-relationship between criminal and civil regimes

  • R v Andrewes - concerning proportionality in the confiscation regime

  • R (KBR) v DSFO - concerning limits on the SFO's ability to compel the production of documents

  • R v Byrne and others - concerning the impact of the discrediting of an expert witness

  • R v Hunter - concerning running a business for a fraudulent purpose

  • General Editors: Alun Milford, Paul Jarvis