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This source contains both Approved Judgments and Official Transcripts. Comprehensive coverage of Judgments from:

- Supreme Court
- Privy Council
- both divisions of the Court of Appeal
- all divisions of the High Court
- Employment Appeal Tribunal
- Upper Tribunal (Tax and Chancery Chamber, and Immigration and Asylum Chamber)
- Court of Justice of the European Union and General Court of the European Union

Approved Judgments will be available within 30 mins of receipt.

Copyright information
Crown copyright material reproduced by permission of The National Archives. The contents of the judgment can be used under the Open Justice – Licence https://caselaw.nationalarchives.gov.uk/open-justice-licence. Crown copyright material only partially represents the activities of the courts and tribunals.

Useful Terms

Area of law and key issues of the case, expressed in index style, becoming more specific. All LNB catchwords are prepared by legally qualified staff.

Extempore Judgments
Judgment given orally, usually at the conclusion of the hearing will be provided as Official Transcripts (note: some reserved judgments are still given orally).

Approved Judgments
Judgments which are available immediately and have already been approved by the judge, though may be subject to minor editorial corrections. They may be published but should not be cited in court where an Official Transcript is available.

Part 39 Judgments
Judgments which are available immediately and have been approved by the judge. By issuing a Part 39 direction the judge confirms that there will be no further editorial changes.
This version can be considered the final version and can be published and cited in court.

Official Transcripts
These are the best version of unreported judgments available and should be cited in court where no report is available.
Official transcripts are prepared by shorthand writers and approved by the judge, and so can take several weeks to be prepared. Note that there is no difference in status between Official Transcripts and Part 39 judgments; it is simply that official transcripts are produced by shorthand writing services and then reviewed by the judge, whereas Part 39 judgments are handed-down straight from the court.