Journals Index *PLUS*

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Journals Index *PLUS* is a practitioner focused index of legal articles from established UK and international journals as well as from leading legal blogs. Used as a quick overview, it will help quickly establish whether the journal article in question is relevant to your research. It provides additional signal functionality so you can easily see the status of cases and legislation discussed in that journal index abstract as well as links to relevant cases, legislation and the full text for the indexed journal (where available and subject to subscription).

Our qualified editors classify features, editorials and book reviews in over 500 journals, magazines, reviews and blogs from a range of legal and business publishers in the UK and internationally. Each entry provides a short description of an individual journal article including details of relevant legislation or cases, the author and the article citation as well as useful signals indicating the status of legislation or cases included in those journals.

The entire source archive can be searched from either the Legal Home page, the Journals Index, the Journals search form or from the current awareness search form. The handy "what do we cover?" link on the journals index search form indicates the breadth of journals we index.

The index dates from 1 January 1995 although not all journals included have been reviewed for the whole length of the archive.