Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization


The Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization is an interdisciplinary exercise. It seeks to promote an understanding of many complex phenomena by examining such matters from a combined law, economics, and organization perspective (or a two-way combination thereof). In this connection, we use the term organization broadly - to include scholarship drawing on political science, psychology and sociology, among other fields. It also holds the study of institutions - especially economic, legal, and political institutions - to be specifically important and greatly in need of careful analytic study.

Online ISSN: 1465-7341
Print ISSN: 8756-6222

Volume 39, Issue 3, 1 November 2023

Citation: JLEO (2023) 39 (3): 615



The Ownership of Data
International politics and oil trade: evidence from Russian oil exports
Executive Control of Agency Adjudication: Capacity, Selection, and Precedential Rulemaking
Fighting Organized Crime by Targeting their Revenue: Screening, Mafias, and Public Funds
Influence by Intimidation: Business Lobbying in the Regulatory Process
Political Agency and Implementation Subsidies with Imperfect Monitoring
How informative is the text of securities complaints?
Markets for Scientific Attribution
The Benefits of Trade Secret Legal Protection: Evidence from Firms' Cost Structure Decisions


 Ian Ayres ,Yale Law School Editor
 Jack Knight Co-editor
 Keith Crocker Co-editor
 Pablo Spiller Co-editor
 Thomas Gilligan Co-editor
 Tracy Lewis Co-editor