Journal of International Banking & Financial Law

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A highly regarded and authoritative monthly journal that provides the latest information on developments in banking and financial law throughout the world. Published 11 times a year, this is an indispensable publication for any professionals needing to keep up to date with law and practice in the global financial market.

This online publication includes editorial, articles, international briefings, update service and book reviews. Occasional supplements are not included online.

Print ISSN: 0269-2694

Volume 37, Issue 7, 1 AUGUST 2022

Citation: (2022) 7 JIBFL 443


Frozen Russian funds: can the courts let it go?
Waiving goodbye to termination rights in default scenario negotiations
Orthodoxy prevails? How receiving banks avoid liability for their customers' frauds
Licence to Quill: legal services licences following the recent wave of Russian sanctions
Pre-hedging versus front-running: six of one, and half a dozen of the other?
Anything but equity! Structuring considerations for a debt for equity swap
Loan defaults: untimely remedies and potential hangovers in credit agreements
Cryptoassets, consumers and foreign arbitration
The classification of interest rate swaps as contingent liability cases
Blockchain interoperability: connecting decentralised infrastructure for traditional finance
Tiptoe through the tulips: fiduciary and common law duties of care in cryptocurrency
Extending the cloak: individual immunity for foreign officials
Brass in pocket: the developing benchmark for establishing “consumer” status
Protection of securities under custody in Spain
Recurring revenue-based deals
Recent trends in leveraged financing: the ever more borrower friendly market
The Bank of England's loose understanding of Islamic financial law
ESG Update
Case Analysis
Regulation Update
Market Movements
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 Janina Godowska Sub-editor
 John Jarvis , QC Consultant editor
 Rebecca Smith Senior editor and international briefings editor