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A highly regarded and authoritative monthly journal that provides the latest information on developments in banking and financial law throughout the world. Published 11 times a year, this is an indispensable publication for any professionals needing to keep up to date with law and practice in the global financial market.

This online publication includes editorial, articles, international briefings, update service and book reviews. Occasional supplements are not included online.

Print ISSN: 0269-2694

Volume 39, Issue 4, 1 APRIL 2024

Citation: (2024) 4 JIBFL 219


Legal assignments: what does “under the hand of the assignor” mean for companies?
Moveable Transactions Reform in Scotland: acquiescence and the perils of over-pledging
Drop downs and up-tiers in English law loan documentation
UK SDR: setting the ESG blueprint for the world?
From PSG's strip to the Gaza Strip: critical issues for those managing Qatar's money after 7 October
Reliance revisited: is “conscious awareness” a requirement of reliance/inducement in all misrepresentation cases, or a bridge too far?
Distressed insurers: recent insolvency reforms and future resolution framework
Part 26A Restructuring Plans: how significant is the Court of Appeal's judgment in Adler?
Limited Liability Partnerships and enforcing security over a member's interest
Transferring legal title to a digital asset: shared and limited control arrangements (Part 2)
Covid, aircraft financing and the duty to mitigate
Welcome clarification from the DIFC Court on the amendments to the UAE Federal Banking Law
Retained EU Law: a tale of two statutes
Availability of costs for individuals who successfully challenge an FCA decision against them
Gatekeeper liability in Spain after Gowex
Biodiversity finance: becoming second nature
European middle market CLOs could rise in 2024: despite some challenges
Last but not least: consultation involvement key to avoiding regulatory divergence in public and private securitisations
Case Analysis
Regulation Update
Market Movements
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Rebecca Eisemuth  Sub-editor
John Jarvis KC  Consultant editor
Amanda Cohen  Editor