Journal of Environmental Law


Condensing essential information into three issues a year, the Journal of Environmental Law has become an authoritative source of informed analysis for all those who have any dealings in this field of legal study. The Journal exists for both legal practitioners and academics but also proves accessible for other groups concerned with the environment including scientists to planners. It offers: major articles on a wide variety of topics, refereed and written to the highest standards, providing innovative and authoritative appraisals of current
and emerging concepts, policies and practice with a case law section covering a selection of English-language cases from recent months, the judgment is reproduced in full, and is followed by a detailed analysis. An annual European Case Law section providing full annotation of all cases on environmental issues emanating from the European Court of Justice. It also includes a substantial book reviews section and a materials section reproducing texts of recent legal, or quasi-legal, documents concerning the environment, such as European Directives and technical guidance texts.

Footnotes, where present, are bi-directional. This journal, along with other available UK law journals, can be searched in the All UK Law Journals file.

Online ISSN: 1464-374X
Print ISSN: 0952-8873

Volume 32 Issue 2, 1 JULY 2020
J Environmental Law (2020) 32 (2): 179–194


Securing High Levels of Business Compliance with Environmental Laws: What Works and What to Avoid
Hitting the Target? Analysing the Use of Targets in Climate Law
Excavating Landmarks—Empirical Contributions to Doctrinal Analysis
Spotty Data: Managing International Leopard (Panthera pardus) Trophy Hunting Quotas Amidst Uncertainty
De-Extinction, Regulation and Nature Conservation
Significant UK Environmental Law Cases 2019–20


Alison Jones Consultant editor
Cameron Hutchison Author
James Wilson Editor
Jos Roberto Prez Salom Author
Karen N. Scott Author
Margaret A. Young Author
Richard Macrory Author
Rosalind Malcolm Author
Ruth Brown Editor
Sharon Turner Author
Vanessa Edwards Author
Veerle Heyvaert Author
William Howarth Author