Journal of Conflict and Security Law


The Journal of Conflict and Security Law is a bi-annual, refereed journal aimed at academics, government officials, military lawyers and lawyers working in the area, as well as those interested in the areas of arms control law, armed conflict law and collective security law.

The journal covers the whole spectrum of international law relating to armed conflict from the pre-conflict stage when the issues include those of arms control, disarmament and conflict prevention, through to the outbreak of armed conflict and discussions of the legality of resort to force, to the coverage of the conduct of military operations and the protection of non-combatants by international humanitarian law. Treatment is also given to the stage of conflict resolution where the legal issues concern territory, compensation and disarmament.

Online ISSN: 1467-7962
Print ISSN: 1467-7954

SOURCE CURRENCY Vol 29 Issue 1, 1 MARCH 2024 Citation: J Conflict Security Law (2024) 29 (1): 1 UPDATE INFORMATION Articles Disarming the Women, Peace and Security agenda: the case for centring the United Nations General Assembly Incidentality of the civilian harm in international humanitarian law and its Contra Legem antonyms in recent discourses on the laws of war Neutrality, non-belligerency, and permanent neutrality according to recent practice and doctrinal views The practice of non-recognition and economic sanctions: The case study of Ukraine, Manchuria and South Africa Old Rules to Fix New Problems: Counterterrorism, Refugees and Withdrawal of Nationality International Nuclear Security Law: The Use of 'Soft Law' Can Autonomous Weapon Systems be Seized? Interactions with the Law of Prize and War Booty Social network analysis and counterterrorism: a double-edged sword for international humanitarian law Erratum to: Going, Going, Gone? Assessing Iran's Possible Grounds for Withdrawal from the Treaty on the Non- Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Reviews Book Reviews: A Farewell to Wars: The Growing Restraints on the Interstate Use of Force by Book Reviews: Drones and International Law: A Techno-Legal Machinery by


 Mr Robery Cryer , School of Law University of Nottingham Book reviews editor
 Professor Eric Myjer , University of Utrecht, The Netherlands Editor
 Professor Nigel White , University of Sheffield, UK Editor